Ilustración alumnos Sorolla

Tree Day

Our 5th grade primary students have been working on an interactive Project to celebrate the Day of the Tree for all to enjoy.

March 21st, is the day proclaimed as the special day to protect forests and wooded areas. The day also serves as a reminder of the importance of trees for life, since they are a source of purification of the air and provide materials and fruits for all humans to enjoy.



Our very own 5th grade Primary students came together to knit by hand a giant scarf lead by the Head of Studies, for the tree that is placed by the main entrance of our beloved school.

By coming together as a team, the students have ceated something truly unique while developing some important life skills in Primary such as teamwork and dedication.

The Head of our Foreign Language Department said “when children get involved using their hands to create something related to real life cause, they become inspired and amazing results arise.”

The 5th graders´ English teacher believes that “these activities create willingness and a terrific conscientious effort apart from the oral practice.


Ilustración alumnos Sorolla


To truly experience and appreciate the story of the now famous scarf on our school tree, you must come by and see if for yourself. With your mobile phone in hand you will discover the amazing story that will never forget.