Home-cooked and balanced menus

Food lab

We offer an innovative gastronomic experience to our students through a signature project.

In 2019 we relaunched our gastronomic proposal to our families. We wanted to increase the quality of our service and meal program. We hired a chef specialized in educational services. We reviewed menus, products, suppliers, and the way we understand cooking. We have turned the dining room into an authentic Educational Classroom promoting a rich, healthy, and sustainable diet. Based on the Mediterranean cuisine, we offer balanced, homemade menus with top quality ingredients. We aim to educate the palate and curiosity of children through international recipes and gastronomic trends.

We conduct random surveys with students on a daily basis to detect which dishes are most popular and which ones need a review. We also organize meetings with families to get their opinion and listen to them.

Lunch menu

We offer 2 first-course alternatives, 2 second-course alternatives and a salad island. In case students need a soft dietor cannot eat certain foods, we always have a third menu. We also offer special diets for students with allergies, and we give a rigorous service to students who do not tolerate gluten or meat. In the case of having an excursion planned outside the school, a picnic is prepared with sandwiches, fruits, and energy bars. In addition, international meals are incorporated so that each month a menu with a different culinary touch is designed.

All menus are reviewed by the school’s medical departmentand the information we provide to parents includes the caloric value of each meal. The line of the school is to follow a Mediterranean diet rich in fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, while we are introducing meat-free dishes and a plant-based diet. The menus change according to the season of the year and each month we include new recipes.

We also offer healthy breakfasts with fun recipes that aim to increase the academic performance of our students. These breakfasts provide all the necessary elements, and the recipes are based on scientific studiesthat relate food to school performance.