21st century students

Sorolla Student

21st Century citizens

We seek to train world citizens, aware of the challenges ahead, conscious about the importance of democracy and diversity, knowledgeable about other cultures and critical of the world around them.

Naturally happy

You learn best when you laugh, when you play, when you share… We want our students to grow on familiar and caring environment where they can grow happy. Learning by playing is one of our fundamental values.

Architects of their future

We promote creativity through artistic projects and classes such as painting, music, plastic arts, theater, dancing, graphic design, and written expression. Our aim is to inspire them and develop the necessary tools to design their own life.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We teach our students to be responsible, autonomous, diplomatic, respectful, tolerant, and generous people so that they can successfully undertake whatever they set out to do.

Green Leaders

We want students to connect with nature, develop sustainable values and commit to nourish and protect the planet. This generation will lead our society through the green transition.

Genius minds, loving hearts

We revised our idea of academic excellence: Reaching our best version through the acquisition of technical knowledge, practical experiences, and good emotional management. We teach students to pursue their dreams and to be curious while respecting others.