The student as the main protagonist


We call it Learning 10.0because we went from a teacher-based model, to a student-based model based, placing them at the center of the learning process. It is “10” because we aim for excellence and “.0” because we apply the latest technologies. Our teaching-learning model relies on 3 methodologies: cooperative learning, project based learning and themed classrooms.

Personas concetadas para trabajar conjuntamente

Cooperative learning

It is a teaching methodology based on neuroscience that enhances socialization and participation. It proposes several learning structures for individual, pair, and group activities. One of its benefits is classroom management, which allows students to actively participate throughout the lesson, generates a positive interdependence between them, and contributes to building a good classroom atmosphere

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Project based learning

This methodology enhances specialization and learning at a deeper level. This model teaches students research, analysis, and critical thinking skills. It helps them connect ideas and put them into practice. We develop individual and group projects of different length in all subjects

Aulas temáticas

Thematic classrooms

To make our day-to-day more dynamic and learning more meaningful, we created specialized themed classrooms. Classes belong to teachers and students rotate through during the day. Decor revolves around learning and teachers can delve deeper into their projects

Furthermore, technology is vital to achieve a hybrid model. New technologies can exponentially increaseour capabilities, resources, and reach. However, we do not expose children to screens until they are 10 years old. Our students use both ipads and computers at school and we work with Office 365 and Moodle to combine face-to-face and online learning. We teach our students computational thinking from in middle school and complex programming languages when they reach high school.