Last stop before university

National baccaulaureate

We see high school as a pre university stage. Our main goal is to help them become independent students, responsible for their academic and professional future. They will learn how to make good use of their time, manage emotions, and overcome adversities.

We are a high-performance school that encourages students to be responsibility and to overcome themselves. Teachers monitor each student individually to adapt to their learning rhythms. The proximity and involvement of the staff is critical to achieve excellent results.

This stage is especially demanding and will determine their career. Students become mature enough to understand their place in the world and appreciate the opportunities that life has given them.

We offer two baccaulaureates in science and one in humanities. Our goal at this stage is to contribute to the intellectual development of our students, laying a solid base of content, training skills for the 21st century and building attitude and character to overcome their fears.

We have more than 5,000 alumni scattered around the world, working on exciting projects and inspiring others to achieve their dreams. We are a family-oriented school that supports students in their growth from day one, and aspires to continue in their hearts for the rest of their lives.