Nursery School in Pozuelo de Alarcón

Welcome to the Liceo Sorolla Nursery School, an educational space designed to provide children with a unique experience in their personal, social and academic development.


Early childhood education is an important stage in the development of boys and girls, and at Liceo Sorolla School, we understand its significance and uniqueness.

Therefore, during this stage, we employ an active and participatory methodology that allows children to learn in a natural way through play, exploration, and experimentation.


The first six years are essential in a person’s development, and it is crucial to personalize learning to adapt to the pace of each student. During this stage, we create a close and familiar environment so that they feel at home.


At Liceo Sorolla School, we work with routines to create behaviour patterns and habits in children. We want each pupil to progress at their own pace, which is why we have toilets in all infant 2 and 3 classrooms so that they can adapt to the process of leaving nappies behind.


We are an international school whose mission is to educate global citizens. We teach English from the age of 2 with native teachers, we teach French from the age of 4 and we offer trips and exchanges to 5 different countries.

Emotional intelligence

We introduce yoga and mindfulness activities in Early Childhood Education to work on mindfulness, relaxation and emotional control. We help children to discover and manage their emotions in order to make appropriate decisions and behaviours.

Art and design

The school stage should be an enriching experience and that is why we strive to find creative ways of teaching. Our arts project aims to develop imagination, creativity and social skills. We offer a violin programme for 4 and 5 year olds, a dance curriculum subject and a musical theatre project.

Active methodologies

Our teaching model is based on neuroscience and adapts to the brain’s natural way of learning. For this reason, we work with active methodologies that allow children to learn to work in teams, develop skills, imagination and have fun.

Liceo Sorolla Admissions

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Our facilities

At Liceo Sorolla School, we care about offering our pupils the best facilities.
For this reason, we have specially designed spaces for the little ones, where they feel comfortable and safe.

Our teaching team

Our highly qualified and committed educational team is at the disposal of our young students to guide them and accompany them in their growth. Meet them!

Extracurricular activities
at the nursery school

In addition to our solid curriculum, we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities designed to provide children with opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and the discovery of new interests.


Develops necessary motor skills. Fosters respect for the sport and fellow practitioners.


Cultivates expressiveness, spontaneity, respect, and tolerance.

Fine Arts

Encourages students’ expressive freedom. Builds confidence, autonomy, and a sense of pride in their work.


Develops the ability to present and articulate ideas, make decisions, and demonstrate leadership skills.


Enhances linguistic, communicative, expressive, and artistic abilities.

Musical Stimulation

Explores the universal language of rhythm and melodies, promoting neurological development.