An unforgettable adventure

Early Years

Personalized education

The Early Childhood Education cycle at Liceo Sorolla is an unforgettable adventure. Early years are critical for intellectual and motor development. We encourage a personalized approach to adapt to the different rhythms of our students. At this age, it is essential to create a close and familiar environment, like the one they have at home. Our teachers have extensive experience in early childhood education and attend trainings regularly to work with our students and develop their full potential.


Routines help children create patterns of behavior and habits. We want each student to progress at their own pace. We have a bathroom in all nursery classrooms, so that they can say goodbye to the diaper little by little. After nap time, they have a little while to wake up slowly. Teachers are always around children during lunch and snack time, as well as playground time.


We are an international schoolwith a clear mission: educating global citizens. We teach English from K2 with international teachers. We start teaching French from 8 years old and we offer international trips and exchange programs to 5 different countries. We have 19 international teachers, and we have families from 24 different countries.

Emotional intelligence model

It is essential to learn how to control our emotions and recognize our own feelings and those of others. We introduce yoga and mindfulness to work on mindfulness, relaxation, full attention, and emotional control. Through different activities we discover the different emotions and how to manage them to decide the appropriate action and behavior.

Arts and design

The way we learn matters more than ever. At Liceo Sorolla we want students to enjoy their school years. We care very much about the design and flow of our lessons and projects. We are continuously looking for creative ways to develop the teaching-learning process. Our arts projectaims to develop imagination, creativity, and social skills. To strengthen creativity, we conduct a violin program for children in K4 and K5 and offer a dance curriculum and musical theater program all through elementary and primary school.

Active methodologies

Our teaching model is based on neuroscience and is brain friendly. Research shows children learn faster when they talk and move frequently. We work in teams using cooperative learning, and we use project-basedlearning to develop their imagination. We also encourage learning by playing to transform learning into adventure.