Fiesta acción gracias

Foreign Language Department | Thanksgiving Celebration

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA, a national holiday that is celebrated yearly on the last Thursday of November. It focuses on family, a turkey dinner and sharing what we are grateful for this year.  

Here at Liceo Sorolla, we embrace and celebrate all cultures. We invited our students to take part in this beautiful holiday tradition.  

In the entrance hall of our school you can see a display of their work. 

  • In ESO students made turkeys covered with post-it notes of what they are grateful for. 
  • First grade Primary created beautiful thanksgiving cards.  
  • Our second graders created Thanksgiving trees with hanging notes expressing gratitude.  

Lastly, all of our students ranging from Primary to ESO gave thank you notes to all of our Maintenance, Administration and Kitchen Staff. Providing our students a behind the scenes understanding of what the staff does along with showing their gratitude. 

Cocineras celebracion accion de gracias colegio
Alumnos celebracion accion de gracias colegio

To wrap up, a video was made to capture what was achieved when a national holiday is used as a valuable lesson for all kids to enjoy and remember.  

Happy Thanksgiving!