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Sorolla University

Liceo Sorolla University is a career orientation program that aims to bring students and companies closer together.We offer students specialized training programs (pre-university masters) taught directly by professionals from each sector.

Among the many benefits of this program, two stand out. On the one hand, it motivates students to think about their future, study different industries and job opportunities, and design a strategy to choose the degree they want to study. On the other hand, it offers them a first contact with the workplace and professionals from different disciplines and degrees of responsibility, who will share their vision and experience.

Program Length

4 hours in company (2 sessions / visits) + 6 hours of project-based learning in teams. Students will have to work in an interdisciplinary way to be able to offer companies solutions to challenges.

Syllabus and teachers

Each company designs a program of studies and activities. Professors are employees of each company, experts in each of the departments and disciplines.


Students will have to present a final work (challenge) in groups to the “mentor” of each of the companies. This project will have to demonstrate understanding of the concepts and creativity when presenting and offering solutions.

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10 specialty itineraries

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Design, strategy, and brand values. Learn to enhance intangible values, such as loyalty or reputation of a company through communication, branding and sales actions. Acquire the necessary knowledge to integrate the culture, values, and processes of organizations in a unique, solid and differential corporate identity. Discover how one of the most successful companies works internationally.

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Medicine and nursing

Students passionate about health who want to learn about the different fields of medicine (neurosurgery, cardiology, general medicine, etc.). This program offers the possibility of deepening, not only in the general activities of a doctor, but to work on the improvement of the patient experience and face the main challenges that doctors face every day.

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This program designed to present theoretical-practical concepts of the spanish financial and banking industry, as well as services and products banking entities offered to customers. We introduce our students to international finance, fintech and the stock exchange universe.

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International business

Exclusive program for students who want to develop international management skills and work in technological firms. Focused on students with interest in computing, coding, and artificial intelligence, as well as product design and video games.

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This program targets students who want to face new challenges and are solution oriented. We will visit the Integral Home Automation Center of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and we will work on different engineering areas: Communications, Virtual Reality, Energy Efficiency, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Ambient Intelligence, Security and Biometrics, Renewable Energy, Advanced Optics and Architecture.

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Development cooperation projects

Students with concerns about volunteering will be able to develop social impact projects with this program. They will study the main challenges faced by non-profit organizations with an international presence and help them design solutions and proposals while launching local campaigns.

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Tech giants

Technology has altered the foundations of our society in recent decades. Social changes have allowed the emergence of new professions linked to technology and engineering. Computer engineering, industrial design and product development, telecommunications systems engineering, computer systems engineering, or information technology (ICT) are great careers to unleash all your technological talent. The world’s leading technology companies demand creative, logical, critical, and constructive people.

isotipo Correos

Digital marketing and e-commerce

A journey through all the areas to achieve a holistic view of electronic commerce. You will take walk through the entire purchase process, from getting the user to enter our website and execute an order, until they receive it at home. According to the Live Stats website, on average 40 percent of the world’s population has an internet connection. Discover e-commerce and its entire environment.

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Electric engineering

For those interested in electrical, mechanical and transport engineering, Metro Ligero Oeste offers service to 200,000 people, has 28 stops and has 22km of tracks. Learn how this engineering company offers citizens a safe, accessible, punctual, and fast mobility service with a strong sustainable agenda in economic, social, and environmental areas.

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Industrial engineering

Some students develop an interest in engineering very early, but how do you apply all that knowledge in the operation of the food industry? One of the most interesting markets in the sector. Learn from a leading food brand the importance of mechanization of the different processes in the factory.