alumni victor naranjo

Víctor Naranjo Sánchez, co-founder of the company La Martinuca
Class of 2005

Víctor is the co-founder of the company La Martinuca. After having worked as an employee in the hotel and catering sector, he decided to set up his own company based around an idea he had been thinking about for a while: a Project based on his grandmother Martina`s potato omlette. For many years his friends had made jokes about him setting up a company related to this omlette recipe.

He realised that very few brands sold the Spanish style omlette, which is a staple dish in Spanish culinary culture. The Americans have done very well with the hamburger, the Italians with the pizza, the Hawaians with poke…he thought “why not us?

Víctor and his business partner opened their first outlet in San Leopoldo food market, and six months later opened a home delivery kitchen in Plaza de España. Things moved very quickly.

They have recently opened a new catering headquarters in Alcobendas, which has been quite a challenge because they have centralised everything in one kitchen to standarise processes. It´s still his grandmother´s recipe but they have standardised the processes to be able to give more scale to the project.

In 2023 they opened their first physical premises in the centre of Madrid and their plan is to open more premises over time.