Talent developement

Academic Excellence

We are experts in the development of talent and preparation of students capable of successfully facing the challenges of a society in constant evolution. Adaptability, collaboration and initiative are three of the most demanded skills in the world of the workforce. To develop these and other skills, we bet on a combination of learning methodologies that attend to the different learning systems of all of our students.

Our goal is to accompany students in their development as people. The closeness of our tutors has been decisive in the formation of values and in the construction of their self-esteem. A confident student, who is not afraid to make mistakes, will be able to face any challenge that life throws at them. The tutorial action plan covers the emotional development of the person.  

At Liceo Sorolla we have gone from reactive tutoring to proactive tutoring. Through a Personal Improvement Plan (PMP) students must establish and work on their own personal and academic goals. Throughout the course, they will meet with their tutors to design strategies, adjust objectives and present evidence of learning.  

At the end of the school year, they will carry out a self-evaluation in which they will present, as a diary, their entire process. Each student of the school, from primary to baccalaureate, has their own PMP that evolves over the years. 

We take university exams very seriously. In the last 15 years our school has managed to position itself regularly among the top 30 schools in the EvAU state tests. In recent years, we have also achieved high level results in the International Baccalaureate exams (IB).

University Entrance Exam
Liceo Sorolla has appeared ranked 12 times among the top 30 scores of Complutense University of Madrid in the last 15 years.

History PAAU/EvAU

Average grade EvAU nat. exam7,47,88,17,97,37,37,57,26,87,37,06,76,97,36,6
Average grade by course8,37,78,68,28,17,98,38,07,87,97,88,07,68,07,4
Average school score7,97,88,48,17,87,78,07,77,57,77,57,57,47,57,1

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University Ranking & Scoring
78 alumnos matriculados
91% presentados en junio
100% aprobados en junio
Nota media de alumnos de bachillerato: 8,3
Nota media alumnos en selectividad: 7,4
Nota media de acceso a la universidad: 7,9
International Baccalaureate ®
100% of students have passed the Diploma Programme Average grade score 33,7 out of 45, equivalent to 8,4 in National Baccalaureate (UNED)
Average score LS5,365,835,895,465,605,67
World average score4,225,055,275,044,704,73

International Baccalaureate History

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Awards & Recognitions

36 students from our school have been awarded in the last 13 years in the TOP 100 Score Ranking of the EvAU state tests in Madrid. In 2019, Cristina Ramírez ranked the best grade in the EvAU test of the state of Madrid (9.97). In 2019, Cristina Ramírez ranked the best grade in the EvAU test of the state of Madrid (9.97).

Since 2014, El Mundo Journal has awarded Liceo Sorolla as one of the TOP 100 schools in Spain. In the last 4 years we have climbed 31 positions to enter among TOP 50 schools nationwide and among TOP 20 best schools in Madrid. Additionally, The Forbes Magazine ranked us 24th in Spain on its “50 best schools” ranking. El ConfidencialJournal recognized us as the 9th school in Madrid and El Español Journal included us among the TOP 50 schools in Spain (2021).

Since 2014, El Mundo Journal has awarded Liceo Sorolla as one of the TOP 100 schools in Spain.

We are part of the Best Schools in Spain program along with other CIACE schools and we aim to become a benchmark school in educational innovation inside and outside Spain. We are pioneers in the introduction of Neuroscience in the classroom with several research projects in collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry of the Complutense University of Madrid. We were one of the first schools to introduce Cooperative Learning in Spain, more than 15 years ago. And we have always kept our school updated with the latest technologies.

We are a member of the international network of Schools of UNESCO, the national network of Eco Schools and a UNICEF School. We are also Cambridge Examination Centerand Institut Français École, and we belong to a network of more than 4,000 international schools linked to the International Baccalaureate®

Our greater strength is our commitment to families and students. Each student in our school is a singular project. We work tirelessly so that each one can discover their passion and develop their personality. At Liceo Sorolla, students accomplish their goals.