What an adventure in Pennsylvania!

Adventures, great outdoor activities, amazing enrichments, all surrounded by an English spoken atmosphere technology free, is what Mercersburg summer camp offers to our kids.

This year our students from Liceo Sorolla School. could experience all this in their own flesh and blood. Mercersburg summer camp is located in Pennsylvania in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

The philosophy of Mercersbug summer camp is to enjoy every single moment as if it was the last one. They get this not telling the kids what or when the activities are. When the kids ask all excited about what the next activity is about, they councilors say to them “JWAS (Just Wait And See)”. This creates a magic felling in the kids who are at the same time nervous, happy and excited.

The timetable is mainly structured in two different activities: Enrichments and great outdoors. The great outdoors include, between others, canoeing, horseback riding, kayaking , mountain  hiking, climbing or river tubing.

Enrichments are all different and interesting. They will find activities related to cooking video and photography, arts and crafts, science or even Magic!

Our kids went wild on the Wildcat roller coaster at Hersheypark amusement park and they could also “haunt” each other at the laser tag park, as those were two of the excursions they had the pleasure to experience.

The parents were informed by the teacher in charge of the group, coming from the Liceo Sorolla school, and they had also the opportunity to write their kids through email. As the children did not have any contact with technology, the emails were printed and the parents were answered by their kids through letters, scanned by the counselors. Isn´t it a good idea?

As it is an American summer camp and the majority of the kids were American our kids were all  ay speaking in English and having fun so they developed their speaking skills quickly without realizing.

A supportive and encouraging environment made our campers comfortable enough to try new experiences and celebrate their accomplishments. if you are thinking about coming next year, don´t hesitate it!

Enjoy that amazing experience!

By Patricia López

English Department

Liceo Sorolla School