¿What are 2 teachers and 18 students doing in the airport on August 28th?

¡¡¡Irish Experience!!!

Our youngest student was a six grader and the eldest was from 3º ESO. Rafael Gonzalez and I, were the lucky teachers who accompanied this troop of adventurous students for a whole month. We were all very excited and eager to learn English and learn from life..

When we arrived in Ireland, the boys stayed in Bray with Rafael and the girls stayed me in Wicklow. We were in separated villages because in Ireland education is not mixed, so each group had to attend a different schools.

On the first day, children got to know their families and started living together. The first week was a little bit different than expected because they needed some days to adapt to their new life. I believe this was the most challenging part of the trip because Ireland´s lifestyle is so different to Spain´s. From the moment they join their family until they left, they became another family member and this is what makes the experience really unique.

During the weekdays, children went to school, where they got to speak in English all day long. They worked in English, read in English, made jokes in English, added numbers in English, made friends in English… they ended up thinking in English!! which is the key to learn a language.

Saturdays were very special for the group as we all went together on excursions.  They loved these breaks and they couldn´t wait to tell each other all the things they did during the week. We visited different places in Dublin such as the Trinity College, Molly Mallon, or Fenix park. And we also went to Glendalough to do some shopping and buy a few presents for our Spanish families.

We returned to Spain the 2nd  of October. By that time they have had so much fun and they were so integrated that no one wanted to come back. They´ve learned many things along the way. Through this trip, children got to know themselves better and strengthen their social skills. They learned English and they enjoyed living abroad. When you have such an amazing experience, nor the terrible weather, nor the “too-early” dinners are so bad…

I think it has been a very positive experienced for all of them. They have improved their English level considerably, they learned how to adapt to a different environment and they respected the rules and routines of the school and houses although it was difficult at first. They were also able to solve their “problems” by themselves and become more autonomous, and they were happy and smiling every single day.


We highly recommend students to take advantage of this adventure

¡Hope to see you next year!

Olga Olivares

English Department

Liceo Sorolla School