Entrevista a Javier Abellán

Dear Miss Esther,
I am glad I met you again. I am amazed how you are still able to have me doing homework on a random evening ha ha! Please excuse the delay in getting back to you,… it’s been crazy days. See if this meets your needs:
If you are studying in Liceo Sorolla and have a couple of older brother, the oldest might know me. My name is Javier Abellán, and I left Liceo Sorolla 12 years ago. I am currently working in St Albans (between London and Luton) as a Civil Engineer (Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos).
 Alumni Sorolla
Whenever I have some days off from work I usually go back to Spain. You don´t realize how much you love your country until you leave for some time. Last time I went visiting I stepped by Liceo Sorolla just to check how everything has changed. It turns out it has not changed an awful lot. It brought me vivid memories of my childhood. I met some of my teachers again and to my surprise, they still remember me!
They commented mostly on how changed I look like and asked how have I been. I told them I feel great! I am quite happy and it is in part thanks to them. I didn´t appreciate it back then, but I really got a great education from Liceo Sorolla. Let me share a bit of the story, specially regarding english. 
My teachers encouraged me to get the FIRST certificate at the school. It took a bit of efort, but when I made it to the univesity, my english was better than most of my mates’.
Alumni Sorolla 2We had english at the university, but I found it slightly disappointing… it was all about technical vocabulary. I felt it was not enough, so I went to the British Council in Somosaguas to continue studying proper english. I got the ADVANCED certificate in a couple of years. Honestly, it wasn’t that hard, so don´t be afraid of it.
I was lucky it didn’t take me too long to find a job after the university. My good english level helped me stand out among the crowd looking for a job back then. Even working, I earned a lot of brownie points just because I was fluent in english. Or at least more fluent than my peers…
… but I soon realized it was not enough. I wanted to be able to negotiate in english and lead international conferences with our american partners. I went back to the British Council and started preparing for the PROFICIENCY exam.
I never actually took the exam. At some point I applied for a good job in St Albans, I got the job and I moved without hesitating. That was about a year ago now.
I couldn´t be happier I made the move. Living abroad is an exciting and enriching experience. Writing these lines, I feel somehow old, but I also feel I have grown a lot. I realize that doing my best when I was younger has helped me a lot. Also, I wouldn´t have had so many opportunities if I hadn´t studied english.