Developing skills and competencies


In an ever-changing environment, schools need to pursue a personalized learning model to provide more opportunities and train students for the unknown. The goal of any school is to promote students´ autonomy and ability to adapt to any environment or reality. Thus, the school becomes a high-performance training center in which to develop skills and competencies to excel and take advantage of the opportunities that arise throughout life. To achieve this objective, we must consider 4 factors: teachers, methodology, assessment, and technology.

21st century teachers need professional training, but also empathy and emotional intelligence since tutoring is becoming more important than ever. Methodologies based on neuroscience can facilitate the student’s learning process. The assessment process should adapt to the rhythm and capacities of each person and must consider a universe of factors, indicators, and elements. Technology will be the critical factor in understanding and improving each of the key elements in the learning process

We want to train self-confident people, with initiative and sensitivity. We propose a personalized and skill-basedmodel that adapts to each student and develops 4 fundamental skills: research, critical thinking, teamwork, and social skills

Personalized Learning is applied to methodologies, work rhythms, evaluation, tutoring and specialization.

Our methodology is based on neuroscience and cooperative learning. This approach enhances individualized monitoring and greater adaptation to different learning styles. Active methodologies allow students to learn by doing, ensuring that each student grows at their own pace. If some students finish earlier, new challenges or classroom management tasks are always proposed to them. And when a student needs more time, we adapt to their rhythm

Assessment is the most relevant element when it comes to personalizing the educational project and adapting it to each student. We rely on a mixed model that evaluates both skills and attitudes. On the one hand, we focus our efforts on the progressive development of skills and abilities such as creativity, teamwork, time management, leadership, critical thinking, analysis, design, constructive criticism, etc. We ask for different outcomes depending on the level that each one demonstrates in every subject. One of our main premises is effort and constant improvement. We believe attitude makes a big difference in a person’s life