Restless, committed and professional


Teachers are the engine. Restless, committed, and professional educators can make a difference in the lives of our students. We are a team with deep human abilities, who know how to listen and connect with their students. Curious people, with a desire to excel, and capable of continually reinventing themselves. Individuals with an open mind and ready to improve.

At Liceo Sorolla we understand change as something necessary and positive. To survive in a constantly evolving society, we need great adaptability, a flexible mind and lots of emotional intelligence. Thus, our teachers follow regular training programs. We must be able to relearn and reprogram ourselves, adapting to the needs of new generations.

We believe that knowledge and freedom foster creativity. Our trainings aim to strengthen teachers´teaching and personal skills. We encourage them to design their study guides, projects, and class dynamics. Some of the most prominent trainings include classroom management, project design, active methodologies, pedagogical leadership, debate and constructive thinking, neuroscience applied to learning, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, multiple intelligences, and much more.

Profesor Jose Pablo

José Pablo Mingo

Food Service & Cafeteria

Healthy diets fosters high performance.

Profesora de lengua y literatura Mira Karamfilova

Mira Karamfilova

Literature Professor

Real learning takes place not from head to head, but heart to heart.

Director pedagógico Javier Oca

Javier Oca

Pedagogical Director

It’s about lighting the spark.

Director Carlos LLorente

Carlos Llorente

Deputy Director

Weather you think you or can or you think you cannot, you are right.

Estefanía Rodríguez

Head of Admissions

Growing together towards the future.

Profesora de inglés Theresa Mcdonagh

Theresa Mcdonagh

English Professor

Teaching is a challenge, our job is to guide and motivate children and make them believe in themselves.

Profesora de inglés Rebeca Jackson

Rebecca Jackson

English Professor

Develop personality and creativity enjoying a new adventure every day.

Profesora de Francés Cristina Paris

Cristina Paris

French Professor

Pour moi, enseigner c’est développer la créativité, faire que les élèves profitent de leur classe en communiquant en français.

Profesor de inglés Jhon Smith

John Smith

English Professor

Education is the only way to self-knowledge.

Profesor de lengua y literatura​ Daniel Martín

Elisa Buil

English Professor

After 22 years working in Liceo Sorolla it feels like home, I´ve seen the school grow and become the great school that it is today.

Profesor de matemáticas Pablo Organista

Pablo Organista

Math Professor

Don’t think about your grades. Instead become a passionate learner.

Responsable Deportes Sorolla Antonio de Diego

Antonio de Diego

Head of Sorolla Sports

Sound minds and good hearts can inspire change and ignite action. 

Profesora de Francés Cristina Paris

Daniel Martín

Literature Professor

Teacher of nothing, student of everything.

Profesor de biología Javier Gil

Javier Gil

Biology Professor

Biology teaches the most amazing process in the history of the universe: life.

Profesor Victor Santos

Víctor Santos

Literature Professor

There is no path to describe or journey to explore, the sum of the two gives happiness.

Profesora de baile Susana Fernandez

Susana Fernández

Dancing Professor

Education is a seed that must be fed daily with knowledge and emotions, to become a flower dancing with its own light.